Spinning instructor Doug Rusho

Doug Rusho was last year's Cycling Fusion Male Instructor of the year and he presented at the 2010 ICI/PRO conference. Doug provides this new Audio PROfile.

This profile is called “Progressive Endurance.” It is designed to give our students what they need (endurance base), and then rewarding them with what they want (High Intensity). This profile is progressive in intensity, slowly building through the endurance zones and finishing with high intensity(HIT).
This is a compromise in terms of pure base building, but provides a teaching opportunity to educate the benefits of base building, while still keeping the “hammerheads” engaged because of the high intensity to come.

You can download Doug's PROfile to print here.

The playlist with Tune Mapping is here.


Here's your Spotify PRO/Playlist!  Deezer. We have made every attempt to replicate the original playlist. In some instances the tracks specified were unavailable in Spotify. When necessary we have substituted individual songs of similar length and tried to maintain the Instructor's intent.

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