We are seeing and hearing a new emphasis on studios offering Beginner or Introduction to Indoor Cycling classes. The idea is really very simple; provide new students with a safe and inviting class, teach them the basic techniques, let them develop their fitness and then graduate them to more intense classes when they are ready to be successful.

Programs like Cycling Fusion have learned that these beginner class are most effective when offered over a series of classes, where concepts like fit, form, technique, cadence, power, Heart Rate training zones and others can be introduced gradually.

I love the concept because I see it as an excellent way to reach people who, for multiple reasons, refuse to set foot in an Indoor Cycling class. I also see this as having huge potential to build your class numbers 🙂 Companies like Curves have built very successful fitness businesses based on providing Safe and Inviting facilities.

Beginner class aren't (and shouldn't be) dumbed down classes and to that end ICI/PRO, starting today, will begin to offer members Audio PROfiles that will prepare you to competently teach this class format.

In this latest Audio PROfile Master Instructor Tom Scotto walks you through a 30 Min intro class designed to help your new students Explore their Aerobic Fitness.

Here is the PDF for you to print.


Here's your Spotify PRO/Playlist! Deezer. We have made every attempt to replicate the original playlist. In some instances the tracks specified were unavailable in Spotify. When necessary we have substituted individual songs of similar length and tried to maintain the Instructor's intent.


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