Doug Rusho - 2010 Instructor of the year - is back with another Audio PROfile for our ICI/PRO members to enjoy.

PROfile Objective:

Tabata Power Play is designed to allow anyone to experience the incredible world of power training without prior FTP testing and subsequent power zone calculations.  It is certainly not the ideal way to use power; however it is an effective method to introduce the concept, advantages, and the experience of riding with power.

This profile is considered high intensity, which may seem odd since it is an “introduction” to power, but in reality the application of power feedback is most useful for shorter, work interval lengths.  It will also turn light bulbs on for your students, and they will get very excited about taking power training to the next level, including formal FTP testing and personal power zones.  For this ride you can leave your HR monitor at home, due to the short work intervals.  Allow your students to focus on one thing, watts.

Download the PROfile here.


Download the TuneMap here.

Here's your PRO/Playlist - Tabata Power Play in Spotify and in Deezer


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