Each of us can be our own worst critic! Listening to myself teach a class was a very eye opening (our should I say ear opening) experience for me.

This week is all about How You Sound.

I used my iPhone to record my class yesterday and encourage you to do the same to gain an understanding of How You Sound. Please feel free to critique what you hear in my class presentation. My hope is that it will motivate you to record your own class and then listen to the recording and learn How You Sound to your students.

As I listened to the recording it was obvious from my breathing that I'm working hard, along with the class. This has been my practice for a long time, but as I hear myself it has me questioning if I'm working a little harder than I should.

What do you think?

The standard recorder in an iPhone will only record for 30 minutes. This free App Quick Voice Recorder will record longer.

I'll try to have an Android solution for recording as soon as my daughter Carly wakes up and shows me on her phone 🙂

Here's a screen shot of my Playlist.

Here's my ICI/PRO Playlist in Spotify and in Deezer

The video I used that features the two long climbs for this class is Epic Planet's Epic San Diego - Great Western Loop


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