As promised, here is the extended (35 minute) version of ZENDURANCE featuring Master Instructor Jim Karanas from the Indoor Cycling Group - LIVESTRONG fitness. Click here for the 20 minute version of ZENDURANCE + the PDF and Spotify playlists.

Why do we have two versions? It's actually my fault ūüôĀ

Jim Karanas is very passionate about endurance cycling and teaching endurance classes. My job as the producer is to keep the Talent (in this case Jim) focused and on track. Except while we were recording this Audio PROfile, Jim's enthusiasm kicked in and he started to stray from his prepared copy. I wasn't going to stop him while he was on a roll... so I let him continue until he was finished.

Then we recorded the shorter version.

Either way I hope you find this as helpful as I have. 6 classes so far following this PROfile and nothing but positive comments. I even used it during a lunch-time class where the participants are used to a HIT type interval profile.


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