STAGES Indoor Cycling Cameron Chinatti

Functional Threshold Power, better known as FTP, is the basis for establishing individual training zones using power/watts. Now that I'm teaching power based classes I've developed some questions about FTP and asked STAGES Indoor Cycling's Cameron Chinatti to answer them and give all of us a better understanding of Why is FTP Important? What exactly is FTP? and How can I help my students discover their individual FTP?

Do you have video in your studio? If, after listening to Cameron's interview you're all fired up, here are two great videos for running a 20 minute field test for FTP or threshold Heart Rate.

We are planning to have Doug Rusho (another Power expert) in the show soon to give all us Big Box Instructors an abbreviated version of an FTP assessment -OK not FTP exactly, but some benchmark that we can use during a typical class - giving our students some understanding of of where they should be working. Stay tuned 🙂

Download the complete transcription here. 

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