This Audio PROfile from Team ICG® Master Trainer Jim Karanas may completely change how you teach... but only if you're open to the challenge to adding some movement to your class.

If you are a straight-up indoor-cycling instructor, and/or a roadie, you are likely never going to attempt to teach a Mountain Rider class.  However, if you enjoy the trail as much, or even more than, the road, then I hope these ideas will help you bring the trail to your students.

I recently offered Mountain Rider for the first time in North America at Can Fit Pro in Toronto. I was amazed at how many instructors attended class because (a) they ride off-road, and (b) they wanted the experience of riding off-road. Some were roadies who were actually concerned about their lack of off-road skills — as if I was going to ask them to bunny-hop a log.

Some basic class suggestions will set the stage:

1. Tell your class participants that, for today, they must forget much of what you”™ve previously taught them about indoor cycling.

2. Mountain biking does work with energy zones, power, intervals and threshold, but pure, senseless fun needs to be a major part of the class design.

3. Simulation begins with education. Teach them about the trail. Are we on a fire trail or single track? What”™s the surface? What are the conditions? In mountain biking, the trail surface and conditions change the experience completely. This needs to be part of your cueing.

4. Introduce and use off-road terminology: fire roads, single track, rollers, washboards, high-side/low-side.

Download the complete Mountain Rider presentation PDF here.

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