Instructor Dave Santiago presents his Racing with Pros - Extended Criteriums class profile.

Dave teaches at the Wilson, NC YMCA - where it sounds like he's built a nice following of both outdoor and indoor cyclists.

Object and Intensity

  • The “The Racing with Pros” is a 60 minute profile that provides a challenge to all levels of indoor cyclists.
  • The profile introduces riders to criterium racing where we ride a 4 minute loop several times.
  • The course can be ridden in and out of the seat depending on skill level.
  • To measure the work effort you can use heart rate monitors, Zone Training 1 to 5, or rate of perceived exertion on the scale of 1 to 10.   This is up to the instructor who knows their class and what works best for them.
  • For this profile I”™ll explain in terms of RPE and zones.
  • The complete profile starting with the trial run ranges from RPE 4 to 9 or zones 2 to 5.

The premise for the profile is that the class has entered into a race that is open to all riders.  The competition contains 4 skill levels of cyclists with racing intensity to match.

Dave's very active over at and becasue he worked so hard preparing his profile, I wanted the maximum number of Instructors to hear his presentation.

ICI/PRO members can download the companion PDF and the One Click Spotify song list below.

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