Photo credit - Brad Tollefson

Photo credit - Brad Tollefson

Dunte Hector, Stages Indoor Cycling Master Educator presents his Kor180 Race of Truth as our latest Audio PROfile.

Within any Indoor Cycling class profile, there's the typical warmup and cooldown. For most of us, these segments of our classes remain fairly constant - it's the work-set in the middle that varies depending on our specific purpose for the class.

So in the interest of saving your precious time, some of our new Audio PROfiles will focus on the actual work-set... the important stuff and you'll easily be able to splice these into your normal routine.

We've added a new category; Class Work-Sets so you'll be able to find them quickly in the future.

These will also work well for anyone teaching a cardio/strength fusion class. Dunte teaches at Kor180 in Austin, TX and his classes follow a fusion format of 30 minutes of cycling followed by 30 minutes of strength.

Download the profile PDF.

Kor180 Race of Truth PRO/Playlist in Spotify

Kor180 Race of Truth PRO/Playlist in Deezer

Listen to Dunte's presentation below or ICI/PRO members will find this their member's only iTunes podcast feed.


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