krista Leopold

ICI/PRO Contributor Krista Leopold provides our latest Audio Class Profile - I like the way you move.

Objective and Intensity

To focus on movement first and simply observe how intensity is affected.  My I like the way you move profile is derived in part from what Jeff Krabiel presented at WSSC this year in his session, “Four Variables of Intensity.”  In that session, Jeff reminded us that there are only 4 ways to increase intensity in Indoor Cycling: resistance, cadence, position, and timing or opportunities.  This profile doesn”™t ask riders to work within a particular heart rate zone, but rather, by using 3 of the 4 variables, attempts to make a game of finding out just how much of any one of these elements can increase before riders lose control.

Download Krista's profile pdf

Listen to Krista's presentation of I like the way you move below.


No Spotify playlist - instead here is the link to the Steady 130 MP3 where you can download the suggested music. It's a big file so you'll need to wait for it.

NOTE: If clicking that link causes it to play - not download; Right Click > Save As to download. If it opens in iTunes it should be on your computer and ready to transfer to your device, if you have the setting correct that I explain in this post

Here's the countdown timer Krista built to guide her through this class.


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