With over 8,000 instructors receiving our weekly newsletter, my email address ends up in 8,000 contact lists. On occasion, I would receive random SPAM emails (see below) from people who's email account had been compromised in some way. Typically one, maybe two a month... this week alone I have received 10! This tells me there is something going on and all of us need to be careful clicking links in strangely worded emails.

Your email privacy here is as secure as humanly possible 🙂 We use the premium version of Mail Chimp to manage the distribution of our newsletter lists. I've found that Mail Chimp's service has many more security features than Aweber, who we used in the past.

What would I suggest you do if you receive an like this? Reply to it with a note saying you believe the account has been compromised.

Why? Because the owner of the account may have no idea of the problem. By replying back you are helping whomever correct the problem. (often as simple as changing their password) Then they can look in their Sent Email folder and contact everyone, asking them to ignore the message and know that the problem has been corrected.


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