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Shoes Big Foot would love for Christmas

A member at our club asked me this morning asked me for a recommendation on a last minute Christmas present for her husband. She wanted to buy him some Indoor Cycling shoes, who she described as having "very wide feet".

I know all about the challenges of finding comfortable shoes (of any type) that fit my very wide and flat feet 🙁 My kids have forever kidded me about how my two smallest toes don't lay flat - the Podiatrist called them Hammer Toes for the way they fold back like the hammer on a gun. I'm convinced that I wasn't born with them. They got that way after being stuffed into narrow shoes for decades.

I've owned a bunch of shoes over the years, but none have been as comfortable as my old pair of Sidi Mega Road Cycling Shoes. Mega = mega wide and they saved cycling for me when they first came out. My pair has to be at least 10 year's old and I must have replaced the Look cleats on the bottom a dozen or more times.

But road bike shoes with flat bottoms and exposed cleats are far from optimal for indoor use. Her husband didn't ride outdoors, so what she was really looking for was a wide shoe with a recessed SPD cleat. My only suggestion to her was for the Sidi Dominator MTB Shoe which is their mountain bike shoe in a Mega width version.

Beyond that, I'm not aware of a wide shoe I could recommend to her. I spent some time searching online and wasn't able to find anything. There are lots of results for wide indoor cycling shoes, but everyone ended up being medium width.

Do you know of anything?

Originally posted 2012-12-22 13:56:22.


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