Best Indoor Cycling Shoes recommendationWhen a student asks what they should purchase for Indoor Cycling Shoes, what do you recommend? Do you have a place to send them? Does your club sell Indoor Cycling Shoes?

If you're only using them for Indoor Cycling classes, then a shoe with a recessed SPD cleat is the best choice. Often refered to as Mountain Bike shoes, you'll find they are easy to walk on and won't scratch the floor. Every pedal you will find and a studio these days will have a SPD on one side.

Here are links to a number of suggestions at which has as good a pricing as anyone and you can't beat Amazon's easy return policies.

Indoor Cycling Shoes for Women

Indoor Cycling Shoes for Men

I ride a lot outdoors and prefer a conventional "Cycling Shoe" that has an exposed cleat - I have used Look cleats on all of my road bikes. My feet are very wide and flat. After suffering with ill fitting shoes in a "regular" width for years, I finally broke down and purchased a pair of Sidi Mega Road Cycling Shoes. Yes I know they are expensive. I've had mine for at least ten years and other than looking a bit faded, they are as comfy as ever.

I should add that I wear my Sidi's with Superfeet supportive insoles that prevent my feet from rolling inward, which takes a lot of stress off my knees.

This post has more suggestions and recommendations for the best indoor cycling shoes for wide feet.

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