By Team ICG® Master Trainer Jim Karanas

One of the best things about the Olympics is that it provides an ideal. We rejoice in being human. Even if we don”™t exercise or have never done athletics, “stronger, faster, higher” makes sense. This became even truer with the inclusion of Oscar Pistorius (aka Blade Runner) in the Track and Field competition. The masses that watch and support the Olympics show no ego in that regard.

We believe there”™s a reason for this. What it takes to become an Olympian is well advertised. Family, friends and businesses feel compelled to support the dedication these young people show for what they love to do. Because so many “ordinary” people play a role in getting the athlete to the Olympics, and because the athlete receives no financial benefit for the performance, we feel included.

Some great ads during the Olympics featured Morgan Freeman”™s voice stating, “Before they got here, WE had to move them.”

ICG® wants to keep the fire going. Supporting our young trainers and instructors directly parallels the kind of support the Olympic athlete requires.

I”™ve been a trainer/instructor for over 30 years. Everyone says they wish they had my job: I exercise, wear comfortable clothes, go to fun places and work with upbeat people. I also have less money for retirement and fewer assets than most people my age who have worked 30 years in a single, but different, industry.

I”™ve spent a lot of time, money and effort becoming a good indoor-cycling instructor, and I”™ll never regret it. I love to train. I love to show others how to train. I get to talk to people all day long about how great it is to ride a bike. I listen to music, watch forward-motion video, and travel to beautiful places to ride my bike, indoors and out.

I‘m happy to see more and more club companies providing employment opportunities with benefits for their instructors. Yet, overall, the industry is still lacking. I know many talented instructors who have left fitness because they couldn”™t earn an adequate living to support their families.

Our industry needs dedicated instructors who are full-timers in attitude and caring, whether they work full- or part-time hours. To be effective in training someone in the second half of his/her life requires experience and maturity. Our future instructors must be dedicated professionals who take joy in their work, do it for life, and can earn the money necessary to support a family. Even send their kids to the Olympics, if that”™s a possibility.

We at ICG® have looked at what we need to do to inspire the next generation of instructors. We take responsibility for supporting these young individuals who want to do what we do for the sheer love of training by giving away over one million dollars of accredited indoor-cycling certifications and continuing education for FREE. We believe that “Personal Bests are not just for athletes.”

To be a great indoor-cycling instructor, you must study as well as ride. You must dedicate yourself and commit to your craft. ICG® Master Trainer Chuck Cali is publishing an article later this week on “Improving Your Craft”. Become your best by taking time to read and learn, and then putting into practice, what ICG”™s seasoned instructors and education specialists have created for the indoor-cycling industry.

ICG is offering the next 1000 new Team ICG® Members — and providing all its existing members with — our internationally accredited ICG® STAGES Online certification 100% free. This industry donation of over $1M is made knowing that, as we help you set new Personal Bests as teachers, you will help the generation of today — and the generation of tomorrow — set theirs, too. This is a worldwide offer.

We challenge our competitors to match our contribution and find ways that they, too, can inspire and deliver lasting benefits for future generations.

Club Owners, Providers, Instructors, Riders: Be Your Own Hero®.

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Originally posted 2012-08-20 09:03:45.


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