Technology is a wonderful thing - when it works ūüôĀ

For some reason we've seen a bunch of Instructors having issues registering as ICI/PRO members today. We've tested it multiple times successfully, and yet we're aware of at least 5 new members whose registration didn't complete today = frustration that is completely unacceptable. The whole process is designed to be as easy as possible.

If you have or will be joining us as an ICI/PRO member today and you aren't taken to this screen below where you create a user name and password for your new ICI/PRO account - please let us know the moment is happens using the Contact Us page. It would help us to trouble shoot this by knowing what type of computer/device you are using and the Internet browser; IE, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, etc..

Thanks for your patience and know we are doing everything possible to get this fixed ASAP.

3-4-2013 3-22-53 PM


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