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Oh joy, oh bliss, it's fall here in MN (insert sarcasm here). Time to put the self tanner away and pull out the tights.

In the past, I would put on my 'cheapo' tights for the first time in the fall, and they would make 'that' sound.  You know, the sound of elastic stretching one last time. And then would come the internal question, "Will they stay up through this one classso I have time to go purchase more cheapo tights?

Years ago, I would motor to Target, Marshalls or TJ Maxx for three or four new pair tights for the season. And that's all they would last- a season.

But last year, I splurged and ventured to Lucy and Lululemon for my indoor tights. Lucy offers 20% off in store and Lululemon 15% off in store to instructors. Guys- Lulu has a great men's line. I used our ICI/PRO discount program at Pearl Izumi for my outdoor riding tights (40% off for ICI/PRO members!) Everything went on like a dream this season. No moments experiencing 'that' sound and no wondering if my tights would stay up through class. The added expense last season was completely worth it, as I don't need to replenish anything this season.

However, there is a big difference between need and want. Athleta has opened two stores in the Minneapolis area and offers a 30% in store discount to instructors- bettering Lulu by double and Lucy by 10%.

My newest wardrobe addition this season is the Athleta's Odyssey Chaturanga Tight. They made today's chill a little less chilly. I was at the Mall of American with two dear friends (instructors as well). We all bought these tights. At $64, they come to $44.80 with our 30% instructor discount! Well worth it in my humble opinion, not only because I know they will be good to go next fall, but also because they are, by far, the most comfortable, flattering tights ever. I wear them almost everyday- under dresses, long shirts and to teach in. The waist band is perfect for preventing the dreaded muffin top experience (not that we would ever have a muffin top) and something about the fabric is j-u-s-t the right amount of leg hug.

I checked with Athleta, and so far, the instructor 30% discount program is in store only (as is Lucy's and Lululemon's). It's a manual process at each store. (They actually do a manual look up in a file folder), so it's not available on-line. They do have future plans to take it on line, something like the old Nike/ Reebok / Avia instructor discount programs if you remember those.

Here's a current listing of stores near you:




Do you have a favorite workout wardrobe piece? Please let us know! We'd like to know about it, so we can add it to our wardrobe as well.

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*I receive no compensation for writing PRO/STYLE. I'd love a free pair of tights from someone. I'll let you know if some mysteriously appear from UPS and report on them.

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