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2/2014 UPDATE: This software is no longer available.

With all this talk about PRO/Playlists and Spotify I can't forget my friends with iTunes 🙂

I received an email today from Richard, who's an ICI/PRO member, asking if I could help him...

Over a year ago I had to restore my computer and I used a back up drive to restore my music, actually I gave it to someone else to restore. When I got it back all my music was there but there were multiple entries of the same songs, some as many as 7 or 8 in iTunes.

I tried the iTunes duplicate feature to try to eliminate them but I have so many it was an endless task. Then I tried to delete all but one song in the list but when I clicked on some of the song listings, some played and some did not. So by mistake I deleted a lot of songs before I realized my error. I use Mixmeister 6 to build all of my playlist and then export a 1 hour long mixed file to iTunes to download to an iPod Touch. I think I might as well delete the music I have in the iTunes files and rebuild iTunes from what I have left in my music files.

I really don”™t use iTunes much other than to transfer to the Touch. Do you have any thoughts on how I might correct this huge file problem?

You may remember (I sure haven't forgotten) that last fall I needed to replace my computer's hard drive after dropping it on the floor. Thankfully I was completely backed up with Carbonite and was able to restore everything... except I now have the same problem as Richard, dozens of duplicates showing in iTunes. So I thought this would be a good time for another I Can Help Video where I look into TuneUp - a popular plugin for iTunes designed to quickly remove duplicate listings in iTunes.
UPDATE: I just got an email from this company and they offered a 20% to our community. Use promo code CYCLING if you decide to invest in the full version.

If duplicate listings, missing artwork and Track 1/Track2/Track3 listings drives you crazy - TuneUp for iTunes looks like a good solution for you.

Update: As I continued to explore TuneUp I discovered how well it can replace Track 1/Track2/Track3 and I made another video about it here at iTunes TuneUp Software Review Videos.

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