cues are important in a spinning class

The power of presentation is important in every industry, from food to fashion, and learning to present your rides with fresh, creative cues is a skill all instructors should desire. Powerful verbal coaching exudes passion, encouragement and inspiration, and well developed cues help students find the inner voice that keeps them loyal and coming back for more.

The most valuable teaching tool I possess is not my collection of music, but rather a faded, well-traveled, leather bound book filled with hundreds of quotes that have shaped the lives of students worldwide. I”™m pleased to share a few of my favorites as we launch a new feature at ICI/PRO dedicated entirely to the art of cuing.

However, we need your help! Join the post and add your own killer cues along with when/how to use them: Warm Up, Strength/Power, Hills, Flats, Encouragement, etc. Together we”™ll create an unparalleled source for world”™s best cue book.


Hold the bar as if it were something or someone you care about very deeply. Respect your machine — this is your vehicle to fitness
Feel the inertia of the flywheel; unencumbered

Your mind is a clean slate; you”™re a blank page riding. Let your body heat up and notice you feel light — floating — effortless; comfortable.

Feel relaxed in your joints and muscles. Enjoy the simple act of pedaling…You know you”™re maturing when you can appreciate rolling legs. This is you being comfortable with your body.

You are simmering before the boil.

Patience…be careful what you wish for…..


Feel a good, strong flat road but don”™t rest; I want you to breathe, taste, smell this ride…….and understand.

There is no deviation; no stalling; perfectly symmetrical and everything is unified.

Add a layer of resistance and put the road on steroids.


There is treacherous terrain ahead and we are heading to the dark side. The walls will feel as if they”™re closing in on you and you can”™t find the floor. There is no escape. It”™s hard to breathe. Are you afraid to take your body to a place that has no boundaries?

What”™s about to happen isn”™t pretty….you may shudder. You may tremble……you might even whimper like a little baby girl.

Feel the change in your body as things are heating up now. Get ready to lay down a layer of resistance that makes your body say, “what was THAT?”

If this isn”™t a hill for you, then don”™t let me hold you back. I CAN”™T RIDE THIS FOR YOU...

Do you have the feeling of euphoria? That means you”™re on a hill….and if you”™re on a hill, why not make it a bigger hill… in plain English…just add another gear.

Visualize a treadmill….keep your pace steady, but imagine the incline is increasing. Five changes in the incline are ahead.


You chose today to do what others won”™t so tomorrow you”™ll what they can”™t.

It”™s time to kick in the turbo. This will be your defining moment.

Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking….so if you”™ve been holding back…ask yourself why? Why are you afraid to take your body to another level?

You can”™t exceed your wildest expectation if you don”™t even have a wild expectation...what is yours?

Today I want you to pass the limits you”™ve put on yourself. You are stronger and faster than you ever imagined.

Where do you go inside of yourself when you need to get tough, when you need a little more to finish what you started? You need to make your way to that sacred place because we”™re getting close to finishing what we started.


Feel the recovery as it fuels your body. This is a gift, so I”™d take it whether you need it or not.

Use the tools of oxygen and hydration to saturate yourself in this pool of recovery.


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