Low Cost Fitness Instructor Professional Liability Insurance

We're no longer recommending these people

Amy's fitness instructor professional liability insurance renewed this month. I offered to shop around to see if I could find the best / lowest cost annual policy - something more reasonable than the $170.00 per year charged by Markel Insurance who provided her coverage last year.

I did ūüôā

We purchased a $3,000,000 Instructor liability policy from HPSO - Healthcare Providers Service Organization for only $112.00!  We had a negative experience when we renewed 9/14 and have cancelled our policy with these people. Very disappointed by their customer service. Strongly suggest going somewhere else. 

When Amy first started teaching Pilates at a local Catholic grade school, they required her to have a liability policy "just in case". But in actuality the churches board wouldn't approve of using an outside contractor (Amy) without there being a policy in place that named the church as an additional insured.

That was about 6 years ago. We started with the insurance company recommended by IDEA - Philadelphia Insurance @ $170.00. But there was a catch to get their discounted rate... you needed to be an IDEA member. Fine if you already were, but, not knowing any better, we also purchased a year of IDEA @ $99.00 + the $170.00 for a total of $260.00. That's a lot and as it turned out, it ate up about a third of the potential revenue Amy had forecasted to earn over the winter.

Then we switched to Markel. Same cost, but without the hundred dollar IDEA membership.

Now what we found with HPSO is that she gets the same level of coverage, while saving $58.00. Not a king's ransom, but I know Amy and she'd much rather spend that on some cute yoga pants.

Feel free to share this with your Instructor friends.

*Different states require different types of insurance, as do the different formats you're teaching (at varying costs) so you'll need to check their site for the specific costs for where you live and teach.   



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