Teach fitness at a jamaica resort

If you have been following us for any length of time, you've heard me talk about the very inexpensive vacations available to fitness Instructors who are willing to teach a few classes in exchange for a week long stay a beautiful resort.

Amy and I have attributed much of the success our 23+ years of marital bliss success to our annual trips to Jamaica or Mexico - frequently without our kids 🙂

If you are a certified Group Fitness or Mind Body Instructor and are currently teaching, you qualify for a working fitness vacation through our friends at FitBodiesInc / FitProTravel. They are the booking agents we have used for over 15 years that coordinate your teaching vacation with the resorts all over the Caribbean and Mexico.

But what if you aren't a "Group Fitness" Instructor like me... but are a Spinning / Indoor Cycling Instructor?

A while back I posed this question to FitBodiesInc's President Suzelle Snowden. She saw the value of developing resorts where a "Non-GF" Instructor could teach. They now have three resorts where I can be the Instructor for the week. Our favorite is All Inclusive Couples Tower Isle Resort in Jamaica. This will be our fourth time there and I can't wait.

To give you an understanding of how great this deal is: compare the agents fee of ($450 + 150 gift fund) paid to FitProTravel vs. over $3,000.00 you would pay for a week.

Your teaching schedule is very light - one year I only had one class the whole week... it's Jamaica, people just want to drink rum and lay on the beach 🙂  

We aren't sure exactly, but about 100 Instructors who learned about these trips here have had wonderful experiences teaching at an all inclusive resort in Jamaica - Including Brenda Moeske. You can read about her fantastic time at Couples Tower Resort here.  


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