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Kim Moody was our 4th place winner with her "The Gate" - Halloween Mixed Ride profile.

Because Kim's profile would be more appropriate later this Fall, I've decided to save it until them. I'm also going to ask her if we can record it so everyone can hear her presentation 🙂

But I still wanted you to know who she is, so I'm publishing her bio for you now.

Kim has been in the fitness arena for over 20 years and is an AFAA certified Group Exercise Instructor, a Turbo Kick certified instructor, and is also Schwinn and Mad Dogg Cycle certified.    Kim holds a Master”™s Degree in Elementary Education, which shows that teaching is her passion, both in the classroom and in the studio.

Just like a classroom teacher needs a lesson plan, each of Kim”™s classes are planned out with great thought and detail.   Kim believes that students connect more with a ride when they have a destination in mind, and she loves to incorporate cycling tours to actual sites in her plans.  What would a ride be without a motivating coach and as much fun and entertainment as you can sprinkle in?   Her planned ride, during the busy holiday shopping time this year, was a trip to Target with Kim dressed as “the Target Lady”.   The members loved the reenactment of the Target commercials during recovery sections of the ride.  Another fun holiday ride included a 56 mile bike trip down the Schuylkill River Trail in Pennsylvania to one of the largest malls in the United States, The King of Prussia Mall.

“I was excited and proud to enter my Halloween Mixed Ride, THE GATE, in the ICI/PRO Contest because it was another ride that students really connected to, and the gory history behind the destination allowed so much room for imagery and creativity.  Kim believes the “stage” is the meat of any ride, but MUSIC selections are the perfect mouth-watering sides.  “Music is my mantra and the most critical element of a successful class.  It is my driving force behind every plan, every cue, every intensity, cadence, and position change.  Music creates an experience, not just a workout.  It creates the energy force that connects instructor and class, and it greatly impacts the mood, feel, and attitude of the ride.”

Kim is originally from Kentucky, and uses her southern background in her classes by reserving the #10 spot on almost every playlist for a country song.  She moved to Illinois with her husband and two children in 2007, and currently teaches cycling and kickboxing classes at Lifetime Fitness in Vernon Hills, IL.

“I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to use my educational background to teach cycling and fitness classes.   I love to see people smiling, singing, feeling successful, but challenged, and confident and thankful that they made the choice to come to class that day.  For those reasons, I will continue to put in the time to create a unique ride every chance I get.”

You can find Kim's presentation of "The Gate" Halloween Mixed Ride Audio PROfile here.






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