Mineral make up best for exercise

If you are anything like me, a little bit of help to look and feel your best when heading out to teach/ coach your class is welcome. But, when it comes to make up, I'd rather err on the side of too little than too much, not only in how it feels on my skin, but also in how it looks.

Enter mineral foundation. Its versatility is amazing and don't be fooled negatively by its powder form. A true, quality mineral foundation will not settle in lines and wrinkles, because it is not powder, it's minerals in a powder form.

Let me pontificate on what mineral foundation should, may and shouldn't contain and why it's so versatile:

Mineral foundation should contain :

-Titanium Dioxide, a naturally occurring mineral used for sunscreen and pigment.

Mineral Foundation may contain:

-Bismuth Oxychloride, a naturally occurring mineral used for pigment and brightness

-Mica, a naturally occurring mineral used for pigment, brightness and luminosity

-Iron Oxides, widespread in nature, used for intense color pigment

Mineral Foundation probably should not contain:

-Zinc, a metallic chemical element, which can be quite drying and is best left out of mineral foundations for that reason

-Talc, as in talcum powder which settles in lines and wrinkles

-Corn Starch, a starch powder derived from the endosperm of the corn kernel, is simply a cheap filler that settles in lines and wrinkles

Mineral Foundation's Versatility:

Make up brushes for Fitness Instrutors

The brush determines how your minerals are applied.

The trick is in the brush: the larger the brush, the lighter the coverage. The smaller the brush, the more specific and 'flawless' (read: heavy) the coverage.  So, if you want just a dusting to even out your already beautiful skin (lucky you!), then just a light brushing with a large powder brush, or mineral foundation brush will suffice. If you need a little more help, a more specific brush can be used. For example, my niece uses a liquid foundation brush to apply her powder minerals for a flawless finish. You can also use a small concealer brush, or dab a clean finger directly into the powder and apply and blend into specific trouble spots.

Desiring a quick, custom-made tinted moisturizer? Drop a bit of your mineral foundation into your favorite moisturizer, mix- and there you have it!  Try it with your eye cream for a custom concealer as well. Want a bronzer without all the 'glow' or Bath and Body sparkles?  Buy a dark shade of the mineral line you love (see below for some I've tried) and use it as your bronzer.

A note of caution about the sunscreen rating of mineral foundation. Because Titanium Dioxide is a potent, natural sunscreen, mineral foundations are known for their sunscreen protection. However, the sunscreen rating of your mineral foundation is only as good as the thickness in which it is applied. So, if you are a 'light duster', your sunscreen will not be as effective as those who are 'flawless finish' appliers.

Mineral Foundation is easy to match. Find 3 colors close to your natural skin tone and apply them at your chin/ jaw line. The color(s) that aren't right will sit on top of your skin, but your mineral match will literally melt into your skin. The goal of foundation is to match skin and even out skin tone. Too often women ask for foundation too deep or too light.  This is the job for a bronzer or highlighter.

Here are some Mineral Foundations I have tried and/ or played with and my thoughts. I would LOVE to hear from you about brands and things you have tried.  Please comment! I look forward to hearing from you.

-Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics: by far the purest of all the mineral cosmetics I've found.  4 ingredients total and plenty of colors to chose from to get your perfect match . The only problem-  it's only available in Salons and Spas, or at Cosmoprof (for licensed professionals only). I have used it and like it a lot.

-Elizabeth Arden: plenty of colors to choose from and I like that it has a twist up 'shaver' that brings up the needed amount of product. No waste, no mess.

-Bare Minerals: of course, the original mineral makeup. It now comes in a matte formula as well. Many colors and ancillary products.

-Merle Norman Luxiva Purely Mineral Makeup: this makeup got #1 on Readers Choice; however I have not personally tried it.

-Clarins Skin Illusion Loose Powder Foundation: with light reflecting pigments, minerals and plant extracts. I've been using this since January and get compliments on my skin quite often....trust me, it's the makeup, not my skin!

As a side note, my favorite mineral makeup was Lancome's Ageless Minerale, but unfortunately Lancome chose to discontinue it.

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