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This is getting to be a bit of a trend, people writing about their experiences in a Spinning class. Here's another from called  Spin Classes are Cool (for men too) Like we need to told that 🙂

I've been spinning since I stopped going to my regular health club, riding the bike for about 10 miles in about 30 minutes, working up a nice sweat but feeling rather unfulfilled. I've been spinning every Saturday since the first spin class when my feet kept popping out of the pedals, when I had to sit down on the bike seat every few minutes because I was so tired, and when I looked around I saw women (yes, I was the only guy there) standing up on the pedals pounding out the pace.  I've been spinning every Saturday since the instructor, a woman named Kat (a crazy, deranged, drill sergeant of a woman), pedaled every mile of the way along with the class while playing music that matches the rhythm of the ride she is directing.  I've been spinning every Saturday because it makes me feel good and, at my age, it's time to stop worrying about how I'm perceived. (That's true, but aren't we all at least a little self-conscious?)

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