WOW have things changed over the last three years! When I started the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast in August of 2008 I hated using videos in my Spinning classes and played them only when my students begged me. The simple reason was all we had to offer were bicycle racing DVD's. They were nothing but a distraction. I found it difficult to get my student's attention while they were fixated on the screen, waiting for some event like a crash or breakaway.

Now everything has changed and it's a rare class when I don't use a video from Epic Planet or Global Ride. Both of these DVD series add visuals that can form the profile for your class. Add a great playlist and I guarantee your class will enjoy the ride.

The only trouble is watching these awesome rides will have you longing to ride each route for real 🙂

Here a sample of the latest from the new Global Ride Indoor Cycling DVDs that feature three different videos; Paceline Cycling In France, Club Ride In France and TDF Climbing In France.

What unique about Global Ride's DVDs is that they include coaching tracks that could be used as a "virtual ride" in your studio during times when there is no Instructor to lead the class. You could also (actually I recommend) ride along with the coaching track by yourself to learn the profile of the video before teaching to it your class. Once you get the hang of it you can create your own profiles to use with theses videos or you can use one of ours like Audio PROfile #156
Here is a link to the tour de france bike on tv.

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