A great excuse for a long endurance ride

Monthly movie night at the Maryland Athletic Club (MAC) started last year. It was held on Friday night at 6 PM in our Spinning studio.  Our Spinning room has a mounted LCD projector and a section for the front wall was painted with a special paint that would act as a movie screen.

Various instructors volunteered to host movie night and select the movie for the evening. The rides are easy for the most part. The basis idea was LSD (long slow distance), though sometimes the music may encourage some to climb out of the saddle or do a short sprint.

The instructor is responsible for bringing any treats (popcorn or whatever) and to keep the members' water bottles full. Movie selection was always an issue. Some movies we showed included "The Italian Job" and  "Kill Bill". The program died  sometime ago and I am not sure why - it might have been because of  lack of instructor interest or time of year.

A few weeks ago someone asked if it was going to start up again and I said I would try it. Our first movie will be "August Rush" and soon after that, "American Flyer" a classic bicycle movie. Here is a  web site of other bicycle movies. Miracle  on Ice would have been a great movie a few weeks ago prior to the Olympic hockey finale.  I read somewhere that one instructor did a century ride and played all three Bourne movies back to back.

Movie selection is very important and getting the word out is even more important. Depending on your facility, you might want to offer free babysitting.

We also do video rides. During the Tour de France, I show power point and YouTube clips of  where the tour was riding that day and what we were going to do with that same ride in class.

If you have any question email me at spookh@indoorcycleinstructor.com

Do you do movie nights at your facility? What has your experience been? What kind of turnout have you gotten? What movies have been the most requested, and/or the most popular? Are the "instructors" paid?

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