Purchase your ASFA indoor cycling Certification

"Where can I get certified as an Indoor Cycling Instructor?" It's a question we get at least 10 times a month. My answer has typically been to check with the club or studio to find out their requirements. Many want a specific certification. Spinning® facilities will tell you that you need a Spinning certification, clubs with Keiser M3 cycles will probably want you to understand teaching with power, etc...

So you follow my advice and meet with the owner of your local studio. You explain that you would like to apply as an Instructor and teach classes there. What do you do when she tells you that you just need a certification, nothing specific, just something saying you are certified?

So you run home and Google: Indoor Cycling Certification and you see this advertised listing in the search results.

First they may want to enhance their spelling skills

Please don't waste you time or money getting this "certification" from the ASFA - American Sport and Fitness Association.

All you have to do is answer 75 questions and pay them $99.00 for your one year "certification". Add an extra $26.00 and they throw in a Pocket Certification Card - what no secret decoder ring? You can forgo the need for any continuing education by paying a total of $299.00 for Life Time Renewals 🙂

The test took me a whole 5 minutes and includes a bunch on nonsense questions that anyone without a shoe fetish can easily pass.

My suggestion is that you instead contact a reputable companies listed at get certified as an Indoor Cycling Instructor online and then find an Indoor Cycling Studio where you can teach.

Once you are certified you should become an ICI/PRO member to supplement your education. The awesome class profiles we publish every month - over 45 profile are available to members today. We offer everything you need to be a rock star instructor 🙂

Here's an interesting story about how the the ASFA is viewed by the Better Business Bureau.

Kim States, BBB President, said it would be one thing if people were simply using the certificates as gag novelties, to show off to friends and family. But an Internet search shows trainers using their ASFA certificates on their public resumes to solicit business. “For people to tell consumers they are ASFA certified is simply misleading,” she said. “An ASFA certificate should have about as much credibility as a three-dollar bill.”


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