my-surprisePlease forgive me MP3 users! I just received an email from Terrance, a listener to the Podcast, who alerted me to a problem;

One note or request about the Podcasts; Can you add the show or episode number when creating the show?  I see that you add it to the title but there  is a specific spot for that information. As it stands now the shows will not sort and stay in sequence when you move them to the mp3 device.
Thanks Terrance

It wasn't always that way. Here's what happened...

Last summer, the web hosting service I was using was being crushed by the large number of downloads of Podcasts. So along with moving this website to a more robust server, I moved all the Media files (audio and video) "Up in the Clouds" as it's called, to a service from Amazon called S3.  S3 is an incredible service and there's a good chance that many videos you watch on other sites, that aern't from YouTube, come from S3.

Wonderful! Everything is working just fine... as long as you are using iTunes and an iPod.

For some reason when the file downloads to your computer it rewrites the file name.

So Podcast # 68 was originally labeled as 068_amateur_hobbyist.mp3 (all my episodes were similarly numbered)
But when I checked how it downloads to a Windows computer it shows as  ICI Podcast #68 Amateur, Hobbyist or.mp3 ???

So the way I intended the files to sort is no longer there. Itunes & iPods get the order right, but Windows Media player & your MP3 player doesn't.

I don't have time to fix 70 past episodes but I will have them sort properly going forward.


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