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Today was my scheduled Teach Back and I passed!

If you teach for Life Time Fitness you are required to demonstrate that you understand how to teach a proper Studio Cycle class. Our Teach Back today was to follow our "Speed" profile and we had only about 12 minutes to complete:

  1. A short warm-up & introduction to the class
  2. Have everyone qualify AT
  3. Teach a short segment

I taught the intro of my Grand Canyon ride (link to the Audio Class PROfile)

What did I do right?

  • I feel having a "Theme" for the class, in this case a metaphor for AT (standing at the edge of the canyon), showed I was prepared and wasn't simply "winging it".
  • I came early so I could get warmed up before my turn = it was much easier to talk.

What did I do wrong?

  • I tried to squeeze too much into the 12 minutes I had available, while wishing I had more time.
  • Didn't really emphasise that first real time when everyone was supposed to be at AT.
  • I didn't get off the bike. I had too much profile and not enough time, so my scheduled walk around didn't happen.

My suggestions.

  • Your GF Dept Head should be sending you a copy of the Studio Cycle Teach Back Evaluation Form. It identifies the 7 Compulsory Elements you will be judged on. Learn them, Love Them & Live Then 🙂
  • Get there early so you can get warmed up (not have to start cold) and connect with a few of the other Instructors before your turn. That way you will have someone to make eye contact with, making everything go so much more smoothly.
  • Use four, 3 minute songs. My second song was 11 minutes long. Perfect for the actual class, but too long for the teach back.

Here's my playlist in Spotify.

Good luck with yours!

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