I stumbled into this article and wanted to share it with you. This group meets regularly in a garage to ride together on trainers...

It is almost quiet. No loud music, no instructor shouting motivational slogans. A pair of box fans hum, nearly drowning out whirring bicycle drivetrains. Conversations are brief, limited by the exertion.

The workout leader calmly, periodically, issues instructions to the half-dozen or so cyclists laboring in a two-car garage in a west Yakima home.

This is back-to-basics wintertime indoor bicycle training – simple, personal and sweaty.

It began nine years ago, the idea of Yakima”™s Donna Smith, as a way for riders to stay in shape through the winter.

“It was fun to get people together during the wintertime when you can”™t ride outside very much and actually do a workout and talk about the rides you”™ve done in past years – and what you”™re going to do this next year,” said Smith, a national- and world-champion cyclist between 2005-07. “It helps the winter pass more quickly for us nonskiers.”

The article included this video.

I'm struck by how simple and unpretentious this all is. Just a bunch of like minded cyclists showing up and pounding out some intervals with friends. Awesome 🙂


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