My friends over at Cycling Fusion are starting a new Weekly Ride Service.

Subscribers will receive:
A New Ride Every Week (on Monday)
Complete Apple Music Playlist
Complete Spotify Playlist
Master Instructor commentary on the ride and the delivery
8 Hrs of Cycling Fusion CE per year (CE does not come every month)
Never have to pay a renewal fee for your CF certification (as long as you are enrolled)

ln the future they will be adding:
Audio recordings of a Master Instructor delivering a ride (sound familiar?)
Guest rides submitted by instructors
Songs of the week with a breakdown of the song and its use
Articles on "Fusing" your outdoor experience with your indoor ride

This is all available now for just $5.00 per month.....and the first month is only 1 cent! (yes, just one penny)
There is no commitment
You can cancel at any time
Try one month for just one cent (yes, one penny)

Here's an example

This Week's Ride:
Today”™s ride focuses on higher cadence work and attacks. In general, we do higher cadence work to increase our efficiency in the pedal stroke and to work on our threshold management. Ideally, in the TM sections, we should be able to bring our heart rates right up against our T2 threshold without crossing over that line of breathlessness. This takes a fair amount of control, and body awareness which is why we practice it indoors.

Download the latest Profile - Speed Work - here.

Here's the Spotify playlist for Speed Work

Click on this link to start your service and also get access to the iTunes Music Playlist.

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