New ICI/PRO feature will make teaching even easier 🙂

To celebrate the start of year 4 we are introducing PRO/Playlists, a new benefit for our ICI/PRO Yearly Platinum Members that will make your annual membership an even better value.

By design, the primary benefit of ICI/PRO is saving you time [convenience]. We try to make it easy for passionate, yet busy Instructors to quickly find what they need to teach an awesome class.

Only ICI/PRO delivers Audio PROfiles effortlessly to your computer / iPod device via iTunes. A few clicks and the complete profile can be printed so you can Grab It, Go, & Teach a Great Class!

Perfect - except for the class music playlists... they haven't been as simple, easy or convenient as I would like. Sure, we always include a suggested playlist for every PROfile, but it can be a real time suck searching for each track, purchasing it, building the playlist and then transferring it to your iPod.

Not to mention expensive 🙁

With ten or more songs in each playlist you may be spending $20 - $30 a month on music.

That's all going to change with PRO/Playlists...

Look for ICI/Podcast #168 explaining everything on Sunday 8/7



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