No idea why it took them so long, but the Spotify App for iPhones has finally added an Instructor friendly feature that Android users have had (it seems) forever.

If you are running your class on an iPhone you will recognise this frustration right away > the need to go back and forth between the Now Playing screen and the Playlist screen if you want to see what's coming next. Where you can get in trouble is there were too many places where your sweaty fingers could touch and mess everything up.

The Spotify Android App shows the Now Playing track at the bottom of the Playlist screen along with stop/start button and the option to Swipe > advance to the next track. The latest update to the Spotify iPhone App includes this feature now as well 🙂

Old version = too many places to mess up your class.

See your playlist and swipe to advance.

See your playlist and swipe to advance.

Now it's still not perfect - if Spotify would add the track timer to this slider, all us iPhone users could work off of this one screen and stay focused on our classes.

In case you're wondering, those circles with the *** don't bring you to an option to change the order of songs. You still need to do that on your computer.

I don't (yet) have an iPad. If you do and see anything new/cool added recently, please let us know below.


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