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My youngest daughter, Carly, is home from college for the summer. She smelled really good the other day. So good in fact, I asked her what she was wearing. Imagine my surprise when she told me it was her self tanner!

Usually known for their pungent smell and sticky feel, self-tanners are not my favorite lotion / potion. I only use them for the color they give and sins they hide! 🙂

Carly found Nip + Fab 365 Body Glow Clear Tanning Gel Medium on clearance at Ulta for $2.49, but it's still a steal at the regular price of $9.99. (Ulta no longer carries it, but Walgreen's does).

I'm not sure what makes it smell SO much better then any of the other (much more expensive) self-tanners out there, but something in it does the trick.

The color and wearability is every bit as good as the more expensive brands. I'm a fan and have a new favorite self-tanner I feel like I can wear out in public and not get dirty looks for how terrible I smell!

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