Deezer for cycling and training class music

Spinning® and Indoor Cycling Instructors who live and teach fitness classes in Canada can now access our One-Click PRO/Playlists through the Deezer music service!

Deezer offers all the benefits of Spotify and (unlike Spotify) it is available to all of our ICI/PRO members in Canada.

But for some strange reason, it's available most everywhere on the planet... except not in the USA and Japan. At least for now - but it will be soon, I hope.

I've been continually frustrated with how Spotify hasn't been accessible to our neighbors to the north. Starting this weekend each of our over 55 Audio PROfiles will include a link to a Deezer One Click Playlists for all of our Canadian ICI/PRO Members!

I've just begun learning* about all the features offered by Deezer. I have to say that once Deezer get's here, I'll probably be switching 🙂 So far it looks awesome - and yes it has a playlist timer!

But it goes beyond the a simple timer. Deezer offers you MixMeister like control over each track in your playlist; start/stop, pitch control (yes I said PITCH CONTROL), volume control (because auto-volume never seems to work right), cross-fade, EQ and yes there's an App for that - both iPhone/iPad and Android devices are fully supported for off-line use. This is exactly what I've been waiting for!

Deezer for Indoor Cycling Class Music

Depending where you are located, you're seeing the Deezer player below.If you are not in the USA or Japan, you can click it and Deezer will play 30 second samples for you - or - the full song if you are logged into a Deezer account. Those 30 second samples are something Spotify never offered - If you didn't have a spotify account the player doesn't work. Which will make it very easy for everyone to sample our playlists once Deezer comes to America.

USA and Japanese Instructors will be taken to a "coming soon" page where you can subscribe to receive a notification if/when it's avalible. Just like Spotify, once you have a Deezer account you can subscribe to a playlist, share with your friends and follow people. Deezer doesn't require a Facebook account to register, just a valid email. Pricing for a premium account (so you can use your phone) is about the same @ ~$10.00 a month.

The team at ICI/PRO understands that many of you appreciate the educational tutorials, tips and tricks we've offered for Spotify over the past year. We are committed to providing similar help and support for Deezer users.

I see this as another game-changer for Instructors, so stay tuned.

Are you already using Deezer? I'd love to know your experiences.


*Don't ask how I'm able to access their service, let's just say; I have a "friend" in canada who's helping me with all of this.


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