We chose this weekend for the ICI/PRO Conference so Instructors will be ready for the start of our new season - and here we are!

Beyond having our classes begin to fill (as if that's not enough) there's a bunch of other stuff I'm really excited about coming this month:

  • We're adding a new line of women's clothing to our ICI/PRO Instructor Discount program
  • Cycling Fusion is launching their new service October 10th
  • Leslie Mueller has her Alignment Exercises for Cyclists videos completed and available
  • Zoning Fitness will be reporting on the Beta testing of their new 6 week 2T/3Z Blink HR training program
  • We're adding additional resources over at Pedal-On.com
  • EpicPlanet.tv will be releasing Epic Red Wing - their latest Indoor Cycling DVD featuring the lovely Mrs. Macgowan and your's truly on our Tandem Bicycle

And one other thing...

We'll be announcing the addition of another Sponsor / Contributor with a very familiar name, later this week 🙂

They will join our other excellent partners: Cycling Fusion, Keiser, STAGES/FreeMotion, Zoning Fitness and Spynergy Consulting - demonstrating our commitment to growing a truly Non-Denominational Indoor Cycling community.


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