Chuck's bike with a "Tacoed" front wheel.

Weren't we just talking about this?

Note from Chuck Cali a few minutes ago:

Should've drove to teach this morning

Got slammed in the parking lot at Google by a guy speeding between lanes of parked cars.  I screamed, swerved and braked so that I got hit by a glancing blow.  It was like in slow motion. I got hit by the left front fender, thrown to the wind shield and then I was fly through the air doing a double axle landing 50 feet away on my hip.  Good thing I knew to just roll with rather than try to stop.

911 Google police and EMT got me to emergency.  couple of cracked ribs, bruises and scrapes.  Over all I'm very lucky to seen this guy before I got T-Boned.
Glad to know that's all that happened Chuck!

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Originally posted 2012-05-24 10:14:39.


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