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Worn like and old friend

Have you every purchased something that seemed really expensive at the time, but years later thought; "I'm really glad I bought these!"

I'm guessing that I bought these Pearl iZumi Lobster Gloves back around 1998. Now, 14 years later, I dug them out of the "Dad's Bike Stuff" box in the front closet, as Maxx and I prepared to tackle our first snow.

Global Warming hysteria was at it zenith during the late 90's here in Minnesota. We were experiencing very warm, near snow-less winters - perfect for Mountain Biking 🙂 "Warm" in the winter is a subjective term. It's still cold. My training buddy Eddy suggested I get a pair of these weird looking gloves after watching me ride one-handed (with the other stuffed in a jacket pocket) at some point. So I did.

I'll never forget chasing my kids around the house with them on, pretending that I was Lobster Man... OK, I guess you needed to be there.

I'm not doing much winter riding now that most mornings are 10°F - but these gloves continue to serve me during my second favorite form of cardiovascular winter exercise; snow shoveling!

Anyway, you can get your own pair here for $75.00 - it looks like they have made substantial improvements over what I bought in 98.

Maxx checking out my work. His jacket says; "BAH HUMBUG!

ICI/PRO Annual members can treat themselves (or finish up their Christmas shopping) while saving 40% here on Pearl's complete line of winter clothing + everything else they sell.

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