athletes use spinning to train

The question I asked was "how many of you are training for something?"

Over 80%, of a full class with 50 bikes this morning, raised their hands indicating that they were training for something... I wasn't specific as to what, only are you training? Even though this wasn't my class (I was the Sub for a Sub) I know many of them and know that they are all telling the truth. For each of them, what they're "Training" for is a little different:

  • Steve is scheduled for his first Ironman in June. Steve's "Training" is to find the time he needs to develop his fitness, while balancing the needs of his family and work.
  • Susan plans to ride her first Minnesota Ironman. It's not a Triathlon, but a large charity ride on the last Sunday of April each year. The weather is normally not pleasant - it's typically miserable 🙁 Susan is new to riding outdoors and she is "Training"  to have enough endurance to finish with her girl friends, who have much more experience than she does.
  • Neal is excited for a week cycling through France with 9 of his friends. Neal's "Training" is focused on dropping the 30 pounds he gained after foot surgery.
  • Randy is determined to hear a "nice pull" as he rotates off the front of the "A" group this summer. Randy's "Training" is to demonstrate that he has the fitness to stay with the "A" group, even though he is 63 years old.

Are you talking to your class as training endurance athletes?

My favorite is to say to my class "I came here believing you all are training endurance athletes.... It's up to you to prove that I'm wrong."

What words and actions do you use during your class that communicate your belief in them?

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