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We just had a lovely long weekend in Phoenix, AZ for my niece's wedding.

I have a 'thing' about paying to check luggage . So, I carried on everything I needed for 6 days-rehearsal dinner and wedding day attire, plus jackets (it gets cold there when the sun goes down), 4 pair of shoes, workout wear, etc. My back pack contained my HUGE outdated laptop, which is going to be replaced next week :).

All my liquids- key to my make up regimen, fit in a quart size bag to go through security. The key to light travel? Little jars and bottles.  Here's how to do it:

-Keep any small jars you get from gift with purchases! They are perfect for re-filling and taking on trips.

-When you make purchases (especially at Nordstrom), ask if they have any travel size samples. If the samples are in a re-fillable container, keep it for future trips. Also, Nordstrom has their own store sample containers. Little jars and tiny spray bottles so we can make them for you if manufacturer samples are not available.

-DO purchase manufacturer travel size hairspray. I've tried numerous times to transfer from a big bottle into various little spray bottles and they clog every time!. I found over 30 options at, so choices abound!

-Keep everything in your quart sized bag. In other words, don't un-pack it. That way, everything's in one place for your next adventure. I even go so far as to leave it in my suitcase. I check the jars/bottles to see if they need to be re-filled and I'm ready to go.

-Pack a few extra quart sized bags in your luggage. You never know when someone may offer you a sandwich or piece of fruit for the road. We often stay at all-inclusive resorts and grab a little something for the flight. It beats the awful in-flight snacks available for purchase!

Even this hopeless make-up junkie can pack light and carry on! Please share your travel light tips and tricks.

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