Silver Sneakers Parkinsons Indoor Cycling Coach

More great news!!!!

Kathy Helmuth and I have just received confirmation that our ACE approved Parkinson's Indoor Cycling Coaching program has been accepted by the SilverSneakers organization!

Now, Parkinson's Cycling Coaches will now receive reimbursement directly from SilverSneakers, through their FLEX Instructor Program.

I am planning an interview with the SilverSneakers National Program director that will explain exactly how the FLEX program works.

My short description: a FLEX Instructor can walk into any studio and teach a SilverSneakers approved class and it's free to SilverSneakers members. SilverSneakers then compensates the Instructor directly.

You can learn more about the FLEX Instructor Program here.


To become a SilverSneakers group exercise class instructor, one must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.

  • Maintain current CPR certification.

  • Hold a two or four year degree in health, exercise science, recreation or physical activity related field or maintain a nationally recognized certification (for example, ACE, AFAA, YMCA).

  • Attend a SilverSneakers instructor training workshop for the specific SilverSneakers class one would like to teach.

  •           You can learn more about the Parkinson's Cycling Coach program here.

SilverSneakers classes are available in 12,000 locations and the FLEX Instructor program allows you to easily (and at no cost) add SilverSneakers classes to your studio 🙂



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