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When dancing years (and years and years....) ago in college, we had only one efficient way to remove calluses from our feet. We would sit around the studio after practice and use a single razor blade to cut them off. Thinking about it now, I am grateful I didn't get a nasty infection.

I continue to be a stellar callus maker and, since my college days, have sought the holy grail in (safer) callus removers. There's really nothing that ruins the look of a gorgeous pair of sandals and a nice pedicure like big rough calluses!

I've tried 'foot smoothers' like this one:

Numerous pumice stones like these:

Scary chemical callus removers like these:

And foot 'softeners' like this:

I managed to work up a good head of steam and increase my biceps size with the foot smoothers and pumice stones; however, my calluses remained in tact.

The chemical removers were just scary smelling and not very effective.


The handle version of the Ped Egg. Also available without a handle.

The the softeners only  created a greasy mess.

BUT, the 'As Seen on TV' Ped Egg is the holy grail. I love this thing! It has 135 stainless steel micro files and includes an emery board piece to smoothen after you file. The Ped Egg comes with, or without a handle (I like the handle version).  It also has a little collector compartment for your foot shavings, although I've found this to be the least effective aspect of the Ped Egg.

At first use, I was a bit over-aggressive with the Ped Egg. I was so excited, I might have over filed a bit! We do need some callus to protect our feet while walking and running. I was quite sensitive for about a week, so be careful.

File and emery board refills are available for your Ped Egg in a three pack.

This is one 'As Seen on TV' product that really works.

I haven't tried using a good foot cream afterwards, but I think it might extend the time between needing to Ped Egg again. Right now, I need to re-file about once a week.

You might ask why I just don't get a good pedi twice a month? Truth is- I'm super ticklish. Plus, when I DIY (do it yourself) I save a lot of $ and can justify spending it on something else :).

Questions, comments, suggestions? Something you love to use? Please comment or write me:

I'd love to hear from you!


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