I just got an email from an ICI/PRO member who was scheduled to take part in the beta test of a new LIVE online training program that I will be offering in December. It was a very short message, sent from her phone; My computer crashed, the whole thing now has nothing on it!  No files, no nothing.... so I won't be joining you tonight.

I feel very bad for her and I really hope she has everything backed up. I too have also suffered from hard drive failures that lead to the lost of hundreds of files, pictures and songs. After the first time I vowed never to be unprotected ever again so, at the recomendation of my little brother the computer guy in our family, I subscribed to Carbonite. Now every night Carbonite does it's thing and in the morning every single is backed up. I didn't have to remember to do anything.

Carbonite has a Free trial to get you started- and they don't require a credit card.

Originally posted 2011-11-13 14:36:01.


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