Here's your new "Power of 3" set:

"Without You" by Shawn Mullins

"My Body" by Young the Giant

"Love Me Again" by John Newman

Not only do I think there's  something special about 3 song mixes I also think there is something powerful about 3 interval sets.  One of my favorite 3 interval sets is to go HARD, HARDER, HARDEST.  This teaches pace and control but also forces riders to "dig deep" on the third interval.  If you are lucky enough to have bikes with power these sets are easy to teach, simply finish each interval with a higher average wattage.  If you do not have wattage you can use more gear\resistance and the same cadence or the same gear\resistance and a faster cadence for each interval.

This 3 song mix is perfect for this type of interval set.  All 3 songs are about 4 minutes long so you can simply have the riders go hard for 3 minutes and recover for 1 minute and repeat 3 times.  This HARD, HARDER, HARDEST interval can be done in a variety of ways.  I sometimes teach it in the same position for all three intervals, other times I teach it: seated with a fast cadence, seated with a slow cadence followed by standing.  Other times I let the riders choose their position, but I remind them that each interval has to be harder than the previous one.

These types of intervals are both fun and challenging.  Let me know how it goes.


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A detailed set profile to print

3 song harmonically mixed track to download Right Click  > Save As / Save Target As to download. Open in iTunes and then you'll see this in your Spotify Local File folder.

Recording of me teaching this 3 song set in a class.


Dennis Mellon

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