Have you ever felt the “Power of 3”?

If you were to do a quick web search you would see that 3 is a very special number. It”™s a favorite of storytellers; the three pigs, the the three blind mice, Goldilocks and the three bears and the Three Musketeers. It”™s used in faith; the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as well as Mindy, Body, Spirit. You have the 3 olympic medals; gold, silver and bronze. In geometry the three sided triangle is considered the most stable shape. Photographers, artists and designers use the rule of thirds.

In strength training, many believe, three sets are optimal for strength gains. When participating in an indoor cycling class there are only three riding positions; seated with a fast cadence, seated with a slower cadence and standing. Numerous studies have shown that the brain responds to 3 in a positive way.

When writing my class profiles I like to take advantage of the “Power of 3”. I often use 3 song sets, the 3 riding positions and repeat intervals 3 times. I find the "Power of 3" to be, a POWERFUL technique.

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Attached to this post is:

A detailed set profile to print

3 song harmonically mixed track to download Right Click > Save As / Save Target As to download. Open in iTunes and then you'll see this in your Spotify Local File folder.

Recording of me teaching this 3 song set in a class.


Dennis Mellon

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