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Cameron Chinatti from Stages Indoor Cycling is looking for Instructors and participants who know their FTP (Functional Threshold Power). I'm not sure exactly what she's doing with the results of this survey - but it only will take you two minutes to complete, so please click over and share your awesome wattage number.

It's anonymous if you choose and Cameron is looking for as many responses as possible - so feel free to share this survey with your class if you teach and/or train with power. It doesn't matter who's cycle you ride.

You'll find her short survey here.

I haven't surveyed my regular participants, but I have asked a bunch over the past year or so if they have gotten a sense as to their PTP (Personal Threshold Power). I've stayed away from FTP as it designates the result of a formal assessment.  The consensus is that most understand where they should be during the "Best Effort" intervals I do in nearly every class.

Feel free to use the FB share button to place this on your personal page if you have friends you feel would be interested.


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