I became a huge fan of New Leaf Fitness Metabolic Testing a few years ago after I had my first Metabolic Assessment. Before that I was convinced that my AT (Anaerobic Threshold) was 155 BPM, only to learn it was actually 162 BPM.

If you can stand the poor audio quality of one my earlier Podcasts I have a very informative discussion with Jessica Christiansen, the Education and Training Manager for New Leaf Fitness.

Pro Cycling Team Garmin Transitions has just announced that they are using New Leaf Metabolic Testing as a part of their training.

From their Press Release:

International cycling Team Slipstream, which rides under the sponsorship name Team Garmin-Transitions, known for its voluntary testing practice is adding metabolic and endurance training to its regime. Through a partnership with Angeion, the team will get the cardiorespiratory diagnostic systems company”™s New Leaf metabolic assessment and training equipment.

Team Garmin-Transition”™s president, Matt Johnson said, “We are focused on expanding our family of technology-driven partners, so adding New Leaf technology is something we”™re incredibly proud of.” New Leaf will get to display its technology to a worldwide audience of potential customers and sports enthusiasts by association with the team.

The New Leaf metabolic assessment and training program is based on decades of medical research and learning. It”™s New Leaf Active Metabolic Training System is available at some fitness clubs, corporate wellness programs, and sports training centers to measure human performance and how efficiently a person”™s body burns calories.

Team Garmin-Slipstream

Team Garmin-Slipstream trains and races all over the world. Angeon

New Leaf Fitness

Indoor Cycling Instructor Association

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