Heart Rate Monitor for Christmas

After his list, Santa checks his Blink

Santa Says; “It”™s time you had a Blink Heart Rate Monitor of your own.”

Today”™s PRO/Deal of the Week is the perfect Christmas gift for yourself, your family members or friends planning to start a work out program in 2012.

Sally Edwards says, “The joy of working out to blue, yellow or red cannot be understated,” “it takes the ‘work”™ out of heart rate training, is simple to use and gives the user tremendous instant feedback.” A perfect compliment to any weight loss program.

This Blink records all time in zone, calories and works perfectly with the latest two threshold, three zone training system popularized by ZONING”™s program in a Can. ZONING is a division of Heart Zones USA.

Click here today only, ZONING® is offering the Blink for $42.50 

50% off the Retail price of $84.99. There are only 50 available at this price.

With your Blink heart rate monitor you also get instructions on how to perform the The ‘Can You Speak Comfortably”™ Foster Threshold Field Test.

Known as the ‘Gold Standard of Field tests, this assessment will help you discover your (or your students) T1 & T2 thresholds to accurately set when the LED changes colors.

And, of course, ongoing support from ZONINGâ„¢


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