New iPod Nano Raises Privacy Concerns for Health Clubs

OVERLAND PARK, KS -- Although the new iPod Nano released earlier this month has features such as a built-in pedometer designed for gym goers, the addition of a video camera to the music-based device is causing privacy concerns at some health clubs.

Life Time Fitness, Chanhassen, MN, says the new iPod Nano will be included on the list of recording devices banned in the locker rooms of its 84 fitness facilities across 19 states.

Note: I teach for Life Time Fitness, and occasionally for the club that shares the parking lot with the corporate headquarters.

“In keeping with Life Time”™s policy that restricts the use of recording devices in the locker rooms, the new Nano will be included in that category because of the potential for compromising photos or video footage,” says Kent Wipf, public relations manager for Life Time. “The new Nano's use for music listening is acceptable in the workout area but shooting videos with it while exercising is prohibited.”

Wipf says that Life Time staff members will monitor Nano use in workout areas, as they do with other devices that could compromise privacy. They also will ask members to report any violations.

Regional YMCAs, such as those in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, area, also are considering restricting iPod Nano use since they are video-capable devices, reports The Pioneer Press. However, the national YMCA office has no overall policy restricting their use.

“Many YMCAs across the country have policies that prohibit the use of electronic devices equipped with cameras in locker rooms,” says Jessica Wylie, marketing and communications for the YMCA of the USA. “Each YMCA association across the country is independent and autonomous. As the national resource office for the nation”™s 2,686 YMCAs, we encourage all YMCAs to make the safety, comfort and security of all YMCA members a first priority.”


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