I received this update from epicPLANET.tv's producer Allen Jones this morning.

Great pillow Allen!

Great pillow Allen!

Hi John,

RAAM was the ultimate sufferfest, not only for the racers but for me as well! How about between 2-3 hours sleep per night for over a week? Sleeping wherever I could find a horizontal place - the ground, the floor of one of our RV's, etc. Bathing every few days. Hit or miss on food. NO alcohol (race rules - a good one too!).
The only part that did cooperate was the weather - only a few hours of rain one evening. And many good tailwinds.
There were lots of dramatic moments, meltdowns, you name it, but the team prevailed through it all and finished in 7 days and change.
Now here I sit with over 20 hours of documentary coverage and endless possibilities…
Ride on...
Allen Jones
Which explains why they dropped their planned daily update videos. I was wondering how they thought they would have time to do much more than follow and film the team they were with - who did finish with a very respectable time of 7 days / 9 hours /44 minutes = 16.67 mph average over the 2,962 mile course.
These four animals had the fastest team, averaging 21.12 mph and crossed the finish after just 5 days and 21 hours. These guys must have been flying because averaging 21 mph over a few hours is tough... I can't imagine maintaining it over hundreds of miles, much less the full 2,962 mile RAAM course.

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