I lead a fairly busy life. Amy and I own both Cycling Fusion and ICI/Pro which keeps us pretty busy and I am on staff at Carnegie Mellon University in the Athletics Department and their Triathlon Coach. Add to that teaching a few classes a week to keep my edge and I do not find myself with a lot of free time. Then came Spring Break.....

At CMU our schedule generally follows that of the students, so once in a while I am presented with a lull in the excitement of college athletics and I have a few moments to myself. What do I do with some of these moments? I had the opportunity to take an indoor cycling class at one of our Pittsburgh LA Fitness locations.

I always find it a bit odd being on the other side of the bike so to speak, but at the same time fun. While my natural tendency is to look at the class as a master instructor, I work hard to not evaluate the instructor and just enjoy the ride. And enjoy the ride I did.

The young lady that was leading the class was energetic and the music was good. I knew a few others in the class, but was conscious not to talk during the class or become a distraction. At one point we did a few jumps, which I always wonder about (they are just not something I do in my classes) but I went with the program and enjoyed myself.

That is the message today; if you have the chance (and you should make the time), please take a few moments and attend another instructor's class. We got into the indoor cycling profession because we love the exercise, the music and the bike. Sometimes I can get caught up in building this week's class, or trying to find the right song, but in the end, it should all be fun!

Please....Ride Well, Ride Hard and Ride Often

Joey Stabile

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